Know how to listen

and understand, plan,

put into practice,

and revolutionize

the market.



These are the characteristics of Ital-Plastick, a company with two offices located in Cittadella and Galliera Veneta (PD). Founded in the early sixties, we have over 55 years of experience producing PVC windows and door frames, as well as building the production machinery itself. We are continuously doing the work of renovation and research, all for the satisfaction of our customers.

The company was born of the desire to design high quality systems that respond to the different needs of the market, while fully expressing the “Made in Italy” style.

Excellent thermal-acoustic performance, multi-chamber sections, new shapes and colors; these are the characteristics that immediately distinguished our window profiles, along with the continuous research into the development of new application technologies, in line with the contemporary regulations on energy saving and environmental sustainability.

Our strength is the ability to look beyond: Ital-Plastick completely manages its production chain, not only by designing new systems, but by extruding them in our special factory.


To guarantee a perfect finish of the window, the company has created a line of production machinery, thus becoming a retailer of not only the profiles, but also the machines used to create them.


Da 55 anni produttori di infissi!

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