Almost all break-ins occur against windows and windowed doors, with an attempt to break the frame rather than the window.

In all our standard frames, several closing points are already installed, the number varying according to size and type of frame, making it difficult to lift the door.


For those who want maximum safety, we offer a certified RC2 solution.


A window frame derived from the 9C profile in which we have installed special hardware with more safety points distributed along the entire perimeter of the window, and special mushroom-shaped pawls that fit together in the appropriate anti-intrusion strikes. An anti-puncture plate is inserted to prevent the push-button handle from being pierced from the outside. In the glazing we use multilayer security glass applied to the door with structural gluing.


All this in order to make every attempt at intrusion almost impossible.


The insulating capacities and the seal remain unchanged if not reinforced.


Here's how we want to give you added security


Closing points

Various closing points are arranged around the perimeter of the window. The "mushroom" shape of these pawls allows them to fit into the anti-intrusion strikes placed in the doors, making unwanted entry nearly impossible.


Burglary attempts

The number of burglary attempts varies according to the size and type of window.


Push-button handle

The installed handle comes with a push button, making it impossible to tamper with from the outside. It also contains a hardened steel plate, preventing the handle block from being penetrated using a drill or other tool. Its use is prevalent in the presence of children and in general in schools, hospitals, and other community environments. All handles are subjected to a protective treatment to enhance the color rendering and protect it from wear and aging.


Cremonese anti-tampering mechanism

If a thief manages to get to the hardware and begins to force it from the outside, the anti-tampering mechanism is activated and blocks all the mushroom pawls placed along the perimeter of the frame, thus preventing the entrance of the thief.


Laminated glass

For the glazing, we use multi-layered laminated glass. When forcefully struck, rather than breaking into pieces, the glass fractures but remains intact, preventing unwanted entry. The glazing is applied to the door with structural gluing.


Strengthened reinforcement

The reinforcement inside the door is strengthened in order to allow direct fastening of the hardware, giving it more stability and strength in the case of an attempted break-in.


Per chi vuole il massimo della sicurezza, vi proponiamo un allestimento certificato RC2 (classe di sicurezza RC2).

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