With Ital-Plastick it’s fast, easy and free of additional invasive construction.



Replacing your old windows without disturbing your house is no longer a problem.


With Ital-Plastick, because of the know-how and expertise of our installers, it’s possible to install the new windows over the pre-existing frames, saving you time, mess, and above all, money.



The new Ital-Plastick frames can be installed with absolute precision by our technicians without invasive masonry work, leaving clean walls and tiles intact. The same system can replace not only windows and doors, but also rolling shutters. Everything is designed to improve thermal insulation and noise reduction.





We don’t stop here. The excellent thermal insulation performance of Ital-Plastick windows allows you to benefit from tax incentives if you are an Italian citizen.







Two different advantages: renewed climate comfort at home and a considerable recovery of investment in just ten years.


Sostituzione facile e veloce dei serramenti della tua abitazione!

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