Many good reasons to choose us



They provide excellent resistance against all different weather conditions. The whole range of Ital-Plastick profiles are produced and tested according to more than 65 international quality/performance tests. Our almost 60 years of history can attest to it.



The aesthetic is particularly pleasant. The clean and linear shapes, flat or woodgrain surfaces, smooth design and extreme attention to detail. Our products are designed to give your house an elegant and attractive look.


Triple Seals

Three special gaskets in gray or brown allow our windows to create a barrier against air, water and noise infiltrations.


Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

PVC is among the materials that allow the least amount of heat dispersion while also offering excellent noise isolation. Furthermore, our particular multi-chamber construction system gives this type of profile an even greater savings capacity, reducing the cost of heating and providing a quiet home with minimal noise invasion.


Security with RC2

The profile certified with class RC2 is one of Ital-Plastick's strong points in the age-old issue of safety. Thanks to a nine-chamber sash and a specific manufacturing process, all combined with the right glass and hardware, the windows and doors present an even higher standard of security.



In these profiles you can choose various types of glass, from single or double chamber glass, to glass that is self-cleaning, self-heating, shatterproof, etc. Special seals make them a "single body" with the frame.


Ease of use and maintenance

Ital-Plastick fixtures require absolutely no maintenance (excluding hardware) and expensive repainting.



The highly compact profile, produced with impact-resistant PVC, allows the frame to strongly resist the aging process stemming from the stress of severe climate and weather conditions.



The galvanized steel reinforcement placed on the inner chamber ensures excellent stability even in large windows and doors.



67 international certifications explain how our windows meet first-class quality standards and exceed a very strict series of quality controls.


Tailor made

The exclusivity of our products is based on the recognized value of craftsmanship. Every single window or door leaving our plant is a unique piece that meets the needs and tastes of our customers.

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